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What Cable Modems are Compatible with Comcast, XFINITY, or TWC?

Time Warner Comcast Compatible Cable Modems answers which modem will work best for your cable provider and internet speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any downside to ordering a higher-performing cable modem than necessary?

No, I usually recommend a DOCSIS 3.0-capable modem with 8 bonded channels down. For almost all residential internet plans, 16 bonded channels down is overkill, and you'll pay nearly double.

Is the Netgear CM400 really better than the Arris Surfboard 6141?

No. The 6141 should be fine. However, for TWC, Comcast, and most modern cable internet providers, the SB6141 won't "play nice" with the network, and you'll have compatibility issues. I personally replaced my SB6141 with the CM400 on TWC for this reason. Plus, you'll save ~$10 up-front on the CM-400.


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